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Our Services

Patient Advocacy 
Going to the doctor and understanding medical information can be a daunting task.  Receiving clinical reports about your condition can be overwhelming. 
As your advocate, we accompany you to these appointments, and ensure that you receive information in a way that you understand.  The goal is to help you arrive at a better understanding of your health condition, enabling you to make informed choices about your health care. 
Private Caregiver Placement 
There may be times when having caregiver assistance at home is beneficial.  You or your loved one can reduce anxiety and have peace of mind knowing that someone capable and caring is on hand. 
We offer several private caregiver options for in-home care.  Customized schedules can be arranged based on specific needs. 
Geriatric Care Management 

RN Patient Advocates of Madison is proud of its experience caring for seniors.  The older adult has unique needs with regard to long-term health care. 


When a senior patient comes to us, a dedicated Geriatric Care Manager conducts an initial assessment.  From that, we apply our cumulative experience and knowledge develop an appropriate care plan.  

Each person is different, and our personalized plans will vary based on needs and desired outcomes. 


Care plans take into account a variety of specific needs, such as:  

  • Coordinating medical appointments

  • Arranging for household support

  • Monitoring medications

  • Encouraging exercise

  • Activities to lift spirits and improve health

  • Making local transportation arrangements

  • Facilitating decisions about end-of-life arrangements

​We also:

  • Accompany you to medical appointments, upon request

  • Provide travel accompaniment for out-of-town moves

Health Coaching 

Health is the greatest wealth you can have.  Making you healthier — and thereby “wealthier” —

is exactly our goal through our health coaching services.  In particular, we focus on food as medicine.


There comes a time in everyone’s life when eating habits need to change.  This is especially important when faced with a health condition that can be improved by eating specific foods with nutrients that will help fight the ailment.  Food can be a great source of healing.  Natural foods can be the best medicine of all. 


Our Health Coach will work with you to create a personalized nutrition plan.  The overall goal is to make changes that will be sustainable for the long term.  Through education, we will help you understand the foods that you need to eat or to avoid to improve your health. 


Please know that as a Health Coach, we don’t diagnose or treat medical conditions. What we do is help you transition towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.  


We’re ready to make a difference in your life.  Call us today at 608-807-8195 or email us at  

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