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Jesi Hirsch, RN, interviewed on The Carol Koby Show

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Read Jesi's article in Journey of Aging magazine:

Jesi Hirsch, RN, interviewed by the Wisconsin State Journal

on Patient Advocacy.  Read the article here:


Welcome to RN Patient Advocates of Madison.  When you or someone you love could use assistance in achieving optimal health care and quality of life, we are at your service.  We offer a holistic approach to patient wellness and health.  By focusing on more than your physical health, we help you achieve the best possible life . . . happy, healthy and fulfilling.


The Whole Person

Your health care is more than a set of physical symptoms.  That’s why it makes sense to have an advocate work for you as a whole person.  We are concerned with your physical, mental and social well being; in short, everything that makes you the person you are. 


Support You Can Count On

We know that every patient is different, with varying needs and comprehension.  When you seek medical expertise from doctors, therapists and other specialists, it is vital to have an advocate by your side.  That’s how we can help.  We know how to ask the right questions.  You can count on our knowledge and experience.  We will help you find the best possible options for your health care. 

Call Us Today

We're ready to help you navigate the best path for your healthcare journey. Call 608-807-8195 or email

 What clients say about Jesi 

Your professional guidance, caring spirit, and unique qualities have helped our entire family with care for Mom and Dad that frankly I didn't think was possible. Thank you for all you have done for our family.

- S.M.

You're the first advocate we've found who had the medical knowledge we needed. Thank you!

- S.L.

 Jesi is providing peace of mind for her patients and their families. Priceless.

- R.H.

I knew you were the right person to talk to; however, you have far exceeded our expectations. 

- R.B.

 Having Jesi at my appointment made this the best doctor visit I've ever had.  It was thorough and all my questions have been answered.

- D.H.

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